September Blog 2020

26 September 2020

So here I am writing what I hope will be the first of my monthly blogs. I’ve never been a “blogger” but one must move with the times I guess!

The attack of the virus on our daily lives has been devastating and like many other small enterprises, the impact on my own jewellery business has been dire. During the period of lockdown, suppliers of materials in general closed although some to their credit did manage to continue to provide a welcome service but delivery times had, for obvious reasons, to be extended and stock limited due to demand. Assay Offices closed (mine lives in Edinburgh) so nothing made that required hallmarking could be sent and potential customers, well they had other things to worry about than buying jewellery. So nothing very positive there then! However, not one to let the grass grow under my feet and sustain my sanity, I continued to make some pieces (for example a citrine basket set ring, twisted hoop earrings, swirl earrings - see Gallery Page) to maintain my skills and in some cases, extend them, in the hope that sales will eventually pick up sometime in the future. Given the situation with supplies, I've had to monitor even more strictly the levels of materials I have. Tricky, yes but not impossible.


I also used the time positively to research and read about jewellery over the ages & current trends; firstly to learn but secondly to get some inspiration for future designs. The Victoria & Albert museum (one of my fav museums and of which I am a member) had some excellent articles and videos on their jewellery exhibits which I found fascinating and very enjoyable. I also belong to The Jewellers Academy and its Facebook group members are a supportive, caring, knowledgeable, talented and inspirational bunch of individuals, all of whom have different levels of experience but that doesn’t matter as everyone is willing to share whatever knowhow and skills they have. It’s been great to share feelings about the COVID impact both from a business and personal perspective. We are all in this together.


Fortunately suppliers have now re-opened as have the Assay Offices so my first task was to send off all the pieces I’d made for hallmarking and stock up on dwindling materials. We’re nowhere near being back to normal and it’s likely that these extraordinary times will be with us for the foreseeable future but the last six months has given me time to take stock of what I want to do with my little business going forward, to learn and build skills and to appreciate the garden, without which I’d have gone completely potty!


Back soon