Blog November 2020

Greetings from Victoria-Jewellery and I hope that everyone is staying safe and well.


Three weeks into the second English national lockdown and there is light at the end of the tunnel with the news of three vaccines that could knock this very unpleasant virus for six (we hope!) and help us get back to something like normality although what that will eventually look like is anyone’s guess right now.


On the jewellery making front, over the last month there has been some activity although I had to halt the making for a while as I was a bit out of sorts, and it took me a while to recover. Still since feeling better, I have been “playing around” with different designs demonstrating granulation that is currently ‘on trend” and which I explained in the last blog can be found on the techniques page. The ring I was almost finishing when I wrote last time didn’t quite meet my own exacting standards and it was dismantled and the component parts used in the different designs that are currently a work in progress.  I hate having to take things apart when they’ve taken me a while to put together, but a standard is a standard.


I have however, completed a rather striking solitaire ring which I have to admit was a bit of a devil as I found setting the stone quite tricky. It took a lot of patience (which was sorely tried at times), effort (nearly gave up) and knowhow (how to get out of a mess) but I got there, eventually.  I hope you think it was worth the effort (see the image below).  Now it’s off to the Assay Office for Hallmarking.